Hello, I'm Clark Drishinski

I'm a Full-Stack Web Developer.

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Clark Drishinski

Hi I'm Clark. I live in Utah where I do freelance web and mobile development. I am a hard-working developer with a flair for creating elegant solutions. I am results oriented and a strong problem-solver.

I work in React, React-Native, Google Firebase, MongoDB, Node and WordPress. I believe transparency and clear communication are the most important qualities in development. I would love to work with you!

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fenway media one screenshot
Fenway Media One

Fenway Media One is a marketing consultant agency.

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yelpcamp screenshot

YelpCamp is an online site to review campsites. Technology used: Node.js, MongoDB, Mongoose, JS

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foursteps screenshot

Foursteps provides online financial consulting and has a proprietary budgeting software. Technology used: HTML, CSS, JS, Python, Flask, Firebase

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patatap-clone screenshot
Patatap Clone

This Patatap clone was a fun project. Each keystroke makes a unique sound and color. Technology used: HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, Howler.js

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color-game screenshot
Guess The Color Game

This Color Game uses JQuery to randomize an RGB color. Guess the correct color by selecting the right tile. Technology used: HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery

See the GitHub repo
Mario Plan screenshot
Mario Plan: Project Tracking

This project tracker allows users to login and track their projects. Technology used: React.js

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Mad Lib screenshot
Mad Lib Game

This project allows players to create a Mad Lib by choosing various adjectives, nouns, and numbers. Technology used: React.js

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CRUD DB screenshot
Mad Lib Game

This project allows you to maintain a DB of contacts, and to search for specific records via a seach box. Technology used: AngularJS

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